Who Are We?


TidalStock was founded to fill what we believe is a large lack of unique stock images that represent the many lifestyles that water creates.

“Growing up as a surfer, I always remember so many ads that were targeted to me, but had an image that just said the company had no clue. I never bought their products because you would be considered a kook at school.” – Brennon Cardone

Our images are different and won’t make your company look socially “un-cool”. We will find the right image for the right message and it will connect to your audience, without a doubt.


Who Are We?
Tidalstock is a boutique stock photography company specializing in unique and eye catching photography for surfing, kiting, snowboarding, and any other ocean or water related lifestyle. The image of the day is brought to you by the Tidalstock team to illustrate some of the unique images we have. All images are linked back to the corporate site for image licenses. We hope you enjoy the images we pick out to display.
If you have any questions or would like more information about the services we offer, please visit our corporate site for contact information ( www.tidalstock.com ).
Tidalstock Sales: 805-322-8555
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